Kawoko Water Project by COPCO Belgium completed

Kawoko Water Project by COPCO Belgium completed

A water project sponsored by Water For All Project, a charity division of COPCO Belgium has completed its water project in Kawoko.

“Kawoko project is finished and people are happy to have Safe drinking water,” Annie said.

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The team was in Uganda in May and left projects under way by putting a smile on the faces of Kalungu and Bukomansimbi people. Their charity work involved picking water by jerrycans from natural wells to see how hard and long is to fetch it.

They are now working on their new project at Kagondo village in Bukomansimbi district.

Life Help Outreach based in Uganda is in partnership with A Project By Water 4 All, the charity Division of Atlas COPCO Belgium and the two are set to complete a number of boreholes in the above districts in the next one week.

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