Karole’s Gyal A Bubble Taking Over the Airwaves

Karole’s Gyal A Bubble Taking Over the Airwaves

In case you have not yet watched or listened to it, singer Karole Kasita’s new song, ‘Gyal A Bubble’ is making major waves!

I first heard it in one of those bars around Acacia Avenue and seeing the excitement it caused among the crowd, I wondered which local artist would have come up with a great tune. I got my phone to find out who it was, and it popped “Gyal A Bubble – Karole Kasita.”

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The video that was shot on some great sets has some nifty dancing from Ugandan girls with our own version of the Jamaican “Bubble”. The video and the great dancehall tune come together nicely.

There is nothing that excites people like a song that has good beats and with this “Gyal A Bubble” banger, Ugandans are surely dancing.

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