Kampala Urban Councilor Mayanja Bruhan fears for life after anonymous callers warn him to abandon the anti- 102 (b) campaign

Kampala Urban Councilor Mayanja Bruhan fears for life after anonymous callers warn him to abandon the anti- 102 (b) campaign

Kampala Urban Councilor Mayanja Bruhan Takar is crying foul and fearing for his life following threats from anonymous callers whom he presumes are security operatives.

Speaking to the Investigator in an interview on Monday in Kampala, Mayanja Bruhan Takar aka mpaawo atalikaaba who was arrested last week by police for unlawful procession however said, the ‘war’ is far from over.

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Bruhan is the councilor for Nakivubo Shauriyako Parish in Kampala Central Division Urban Council under the NRM ticket.

The video of his arrest by police around Pioneer Mall in Kampala dressed in the famous US orange prison wear went viral.

He was arrested as he marched to Parliament on September 26 2017 to protest the tabling of the motion by move by Igara West MP Raphael Magezi seeking leave to have article 102 (b) (presidential age limited amended.

The motion already moved and has been gazetted and comes for first reading on the floor of Parliament this Thursday October 5th.

But speaking tough, Bruhan said soon after his arrest, he got several anonymous calls from people he believes are security operatives warning him to ‘back’ off his anti 102 (b) amendment.

“I was arrested as I exercised my rights to freedom of expression. I was detained at CPS for two days and later released on police bond after being charged with unlawful procession.

The OC CID Kampala Central Police Station confirmed that Bruhan was arrested and bonded vide SD26/26/9/17. “His bond has been extended to the 16th of October 2017 after he reported back today (October 2 2017),” he said.

Bruhan said he was arrested and locked up along with scores of UYD (Uganda Young Democrats) and a one Murungi Jonathan aka Black the sub county general secretary National Youth Council. Murungi has also since been released on bond.

“I need to inform police and government that intimidation on me and other will not deter us from pushing our agenda of restricting the lifting of the presidential term limit,” he said.

“On Thursday as the motion comes for the first reading on the floor of parliament, we are not sited. We are planning new tricks and riots within town. Watch out,” he said.

Police Spokesman AIG Asan Kasingye has however reechoed his earlier warnings that nobody whether pro or anti the age limit debate will be allowed to hold processions in town.

Similarly, the 13 arrested MPs whose bond were cancelled by police for failing to report at CIID headquarters in Kibuli have vowed not to rest until their agenda is finalized.

Former FDC president and Presidential contender has also announced new plans or boycott, by requesting the elite to park their vehicles at home and use public means (boda boda or taxi) as a new means of protest.

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