Kampala social scene mourn fallen showbiz star Richie Kats

Kampala party animals as well as entertainment and showbiz stars are in mourning period following untimely demise of their fellow social scene regular Richard Prean aka Richie Kats who died today morning in motor fatal accident along Kampala – Mityana Road. Socialites who have been enjoying the night life with Kats in most hangouts in Kampala have expressed their sadness over his death days after celebrating his 30th birthday and welcoming new born.

RIP; Richie Kats and his wife
RIP; Richie Kats and his wife

Kats rose to fame due to his spending power in Kampala nightspot where he would throw money to revelers. He has of recently kept a low profile after he married his Rwandan lover in September last year. Here are of the people who mourned their fallen friend.

Ashburg Katto; GOON TO SOON: He has been a socialite/spender who recently wedded his wife from Rwanda. He has died in a car accident a long Mityana road.

Connie Brownsuga Birungi; R.I.P Ritchie Kats
Just the other day u celebrated yo birthday
Married your beautiful wife and now yo Gone
Life Is Really Fragile My Heart Bleeds.
My Condolences to the Family to your twin, to Angel and yo newly born baby?#?EnoDuniyaEtumaliramuBwerere?#

Chantal Ruby Batamuliza Uwimbabazi; My friend. The guy i have partied with the most. I called their home my home. Kato and his wife could cook me chicken soup to treat my hangover. I don’t know what to say. I could hide at their house for a week when i wanted no disturbance . Kale nfaaaaaaa. Such a sweet friend that became a brother. He would ask “shanti omukko omuleeta ddi?” Kati Richard wange afudde talabye mukko. OmG


Zed Evas; Richie munange I can’t believe am too late to reply a message u sent me yesterday morning. I can’t believe believe you are gone.this is too hurting.some one tell me it’s a lie.

Tumwesigye Bruno; As i drive for the burial of my fallen comrade Masaba Moses ,i have received a phone call about the falling of you my friend Richard Prean Richard in a Road Accident.Only three days ago did we celebrate your 30th Birthday.If if only we knew that it was your farewell party,we could have all attended .Alas,non knew.Death be no no proud ,you can only take the body but not soul and memory.Happy are those who die in the lord.Richard was a young man who loved God and served his will. When times were hard in law school i remember how you would sit on your keyboard and play all those Don Moen worship Songs. Richard loved life and lived it to the fullest,he stood for his friends and remained loyal to them,Richard loves his family and Child to the core and was the best Dad and husband everyone looked up to.I pray that God comforts his young family at this trial moment. SOMBER MOOD It is but we shall soldier on.No one knows when death strikes but ultimately it does and when it does iy will find us smiling because we lived and laughed surrounded by those we love and love us.I have no idea what mum and Patrick Bruni must be going thru now .I have words of comfort for your young wife and baby but i know and believe that God is alive and he never sleeps neither does he betray his own.Sleep brother sleep,until we meet again.These are very tough times.May the Lord Rest your soul in peace.

Jan Taylorz Osol; I just wish u were here with us to hear of the good words pple are speaking about u……. I met u last year in July and u were to kind and nice to me, u stood by ma side of all i was going through, lyf is a like a broken glass now. RIP RICHARD KATO.. Might the Almighty strengthen wassaw, your family, wife and the little one…….

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