Kagulu Rock Climbing Challenge 2023: Pioneering Digital Tourism for   Empowerment and Progress

Kagulu Rock Climbing Challenge 2023: Pioneering Digital Tourism for  Empowerment and Progress

Busoga Ministry of Tourism and Heritage are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated Kagulu Rock Climbing Challenge 2023.

The challenge will take place on August 26, 2023, amidst the picturesque landscapes of Buyende District, Busoga

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Organized by the Ministry of Busoga Tourism and Heritage, led by Owekitibwa Hellen Olga Namutamba, this extraordinary event embraces the theme of “Creating employment
through Digital Tourism,” highlighting the impact, values, importance, and needs of this  transformative approach.

Hellen Olga Namutamba

Empowering Communities with Digital Tourism

Digital Tourism is a beacon of hope, empowering local communities by generating sustainable employment opportunities. Through the Kagulu Rock Climbing Challenge 2023, Hellen said they aim to harness the potential of digital platforms to showcase their cultural heritage and natural wonders,
creating a positive economic impact on the lives of their people.

Preserving and Celebrating Heritage

Digital Tourism allows us to preserve and celebrate the rich heritage of Busoga Kingdom.

“By using digital channels, we can reach a global audience, fostering an appreciation for our traditions, history, and cultural treasures, fostering cross-cultural understanding and respect,” she said.

Driving Economic Growth
As we embrace Digital Tourism, we unlock new avenues for economic growth. By attracting tourists from all corners of the world, we stimulate local businesses, create jobs, and contribute  to the overall development of our region.

Connecting with Global Audiences
Through digital platforms, we connect with global audiences, showcasing the natural beauty and cultural diversity of Busoga Kingdom.

“This connection enables us to position ourselves as a top destination, drawing in travelers seeking unique experiences and adventures”.

Sustainable Development
Digital Tourism enables us to adopt sustainable practices, preserving our environment and cultural assets for generations to come.

“By promoting responsible tourism, we ensure that our  heritage and natural resources are cherished and protected.
Join us on August 26, 2023, as we unite at Kagulu Rock, celebrating our heritage and embracing the future of Digital Tourism,” Hellen concluded.

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