Joy For Humanity: A Ugandan-UK based NGO which seeks to change the face of charity

Joy For Humanity: A Ugandan-UK based NGO which seeks to change the face of charity

A formidable team of trustees from Uganda and United Kingdom (UK) has entered into community life clothed with love to practically bring hope, joy, healing and life to orphans, underprivileged children, Youth, Women and their families.

Although the organisation is Christian oriented, no child or person is turned away from the different activities as all people are served equally regardless of religion, race, tribe or colour.

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The founder Joseph Lukwago an ICT professional says Joy For Humanity is devoted to guiding his target group learn how to earn an income using a ‘learning-by-doing’ methodology, which allows them to meet their basic needs and lead healthy, productive, and dignified lives.

To present a new era of charity, the organisation has established different initiatives including the Bright Heart Children that teaches children to live with six universal principles of courage, compassion, truth, justice, freedom and peace. This innovative programme which is embedded into classroom teaching has seen Kyazanga School an education section of the organisation ranked among the top 200 primary schools in Uganda, a highly rare achievement for a rural school.

As Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”, and as Kyazanga School celebrates 20 years, Joy For Humanity wants to empower Lwengo’s most marginalised individuals such that they can assist themselves out of poverty.

Through Rural Education and Action for Development (READ), Joy For Humanity is focusing on three thematic areas of Community, Agriculture and Social Enterprise (CASE) to attain a positive and prosperous District and Nation.

In March 2017, Joy For Humanity started working with unique Self-Empowerment Groups (SEG) composed of Alumni, school teachers, school parents and women to foster knowledge and skills to enable group individuals and their families attain sustainable development through Agriculture and Social Enterprises.

Through READ model, JFH is demonstrating that Education can surely play a part in changing communities as a key to breaking the cycle of generational poverty, elimination of gender inequality, prevention of unnecessary diseases and deaths, fostering a sustainable planet and promoting peace.

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