Johnnie Walker powers the DJ Roja & Slick Stuart Mixtape Blend Party

Johnnie Walker powers the DJ Roja & Slick Stuart Mixtape Blend Party

Kampala: The annual DJ Slick Stuart and Roja concert, dubbed the Mixtape Blend, is back and is slated for this Thursday, November 3rd at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

To ensure the Mixtape Blend lives to be a true representation of DJ Slick Stuart and partner DJ Roja’s undisputed contribution to the deejaying industry, iconic whisky brand Johnnie Walker has signed up as the official event sponsor, to further stamp the event as the biggest deejaying affair in the country.

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The announcement was made on Monday, October 31st at a press briefing held at Next Media Park.

The sponsorship does not come as a surprise, since DJ Slick Stuart was earlier this year named among the Johnnie Walker Uganda influencers, also known as ‘The Walkers.’

The partnership with Johnnie Walker also explains the change of the event name from ‘The Mixtape Party,’ to the more exciting and creative ‘Mixtape Blend.’

“Johnnie Walker is a celebratory brand that applauds progress. This explains why the Mixtape Blend is befitting of our support. Besides DJ Slick Stuart being part of the Walkers family, we are here to recognise the great strides they have made with his partner DJ Roja in their deejaying career. Johnnie Walker is proud to be a partner in celebrating Uganda’s biggest DJ duo,” said Christine Kyokunda, the Johnnie Walker Uganda Brand Manager.

Kyokunda also highlighted that Johnnie Walker intends to deliver much more beyond the financial boost into the Mixtape Blend.

“Our pledge is to ensure that DJ Slick Stuart and Roja are celebrated with the pomp and grandeur they deserve. We intend to go all out and give everyone that will be part of the Mixtape Blend a memorable whisky experience. We shall have mini mentorships which will offer revellers an opportunity to taste the vibrant flavours of the Johnnie Walker Black Label, and enjoy it in its truest form. “I would like to invite all music lovers, and everyone that has made bold steps in their career and in life, to join us this Thursday (November 3rd), at the Kampala Serena Hotel, to toast to both DJ Roja and Slick Stuart, and our personal milestones, with the best global celebratory brand, Johnnie Walker,” she added.

DJ Slick Stuart and Roja are Ugandan Disc Jockeys and producers, who teamed up and became a duo a few years back. They have laid the foundation for the evolution of the deejaying industry in Uganda, with an unmistakable style, and an unforgettable turntable flair.

Their domination of the sound tastes has seen them blend to become the most sought-after DJs, in bars, nightclubs, at events, as well as television and radio stations.

The duo has also been able to land big endorsement deals with iconic brands like Johnnie Walker.The two also joined the music industry and have collaborated with some big names on hits like Very Well (with King Saha), Kigwa Leero (featuring the legendary Jose Chameleon), More of This (with Rema), and Sunday (with Toniks), among others.

A few days ago, the duo announced that celebrated South African DJ Felo Le Tee, of the “Dipatje Tsa Felo” fame, will be playing at the Mixtape Blend this Thursday.

The 2022 Mixtape Blend will be the eighth annual event by the duo, and it is anticipated to be the biggest in their career.

Early bird tickets to the Mixtape Blend are going for Shs 70k, but will go for Shs 100k at the gate. A table of eight goes for Shs 2.5m. Gates will be open at 5pm.

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