Johnnie Walker Bottle Turn Up Experience excites H20 Lounge

Johnnie Walker Bottle Turn Up Experience excites H20 Lounge

The Johnnie Walker Bottle Turn-ups are sweeping through Kampala like a blazing whirlwind! Last night, H20 Lounge in Kololo felt the full force of the electrifying campaign, as the Johnnie Walker team gave party goers an experience to remember!

Guests were treated to an array of fabulous whisky cocktails, each one more tantalizing than the last.

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The Johnnie & Ginger, a thrilling mix of Johnnie Walker Red Label, lemon juice, ginger syrup, and topped with a dash of stoney, had everyone asking for more! And then came the luscious Johnnie & Berries; a blend of Johnnie Walker Red Label, syrup, lemon juice, pineapple juice, and mixed berry juice a true flavor explosion!

For those seeking a lemon kind of flavour, the Johnnie & Lemon proved to be the ultimate choice. A delightful fusion of Johnnie Walker Black Label, lemon juice, and topped off with a dash of Krest!

But that’s not all; the excitement continued with an immersive and unforgettable experience, offering whisky enthusiasts an impressive selection of the world-renowned Johnnie Walker whisky. With an assortment to suit every palate and mood, connoisseurs reveled in the diverse range, ensuring they found their perfect match among the prestigious collection.

Christine Kyokunda, the Johnnie Walker Brand Manager, said Bottle turn up is a fun filled experience where whisky lovers get to indulge a bit more as they enjoy their whisky.

And the fun doesn’t end there—the turn up post up at different hotspots in Kampala! It’s all building up to the Incredible Walker Town Experiences, where whisky enthusiasts from all walks of life unite to share their passion for this exceptional blend and uncover the big and delicious flavors of Johnnie Walker.

The highly anticipated bashes returned onto the social calendar this July, after a short break. These are aimed at breathing new air into the Kampala party scene, with the incredible bottle service, and mind-blowing whisky cocktails that add an extra dose of delight to the already amazing whisky soiree!

Tonight’s destination is the incredible Nexus Lounge, Klassroom, and X-Hub. Prepare yourselves for a night of unforgettable revelry! Get your dancing shoes on, gather your friends, and let’s make July an explosive month to remember, courtesy of the one and only Johnnie Walker Bottle turn up! Cheers to a thrilling and unforgettable experience!

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