Jinja comedy fans get a taste of the new UG Pineapple

Jinja comedy fans get a taste of the new UG Pineapple

Friday night was no ordinary one in Jinja as comedy lovers got treated to a mega comedy show and free serves of the new Uganda Waragi pineapple.

The Eid comedy show that left Laftaz Dams Water, Jinja filled beyond capacity proved how big and fast the comedy industry is growing.

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The show which was powered by Uganda Waragi pineapple saw revelers get a taste of the spirit as every person that walked into the venue received free shots.

The night’s acts included comic duo Madrat and Chicko, Snake and Zolo, Teacher Mpamire, Agnes Akito, Salvado among others.

The excited audience sat through hours of wide ranging jokes touching on subjects like politics, sex, lifestyle, religion, tribes and recent affairs.

Comedian Salvado left the crowd in tears with his impression of how the different tribes would perform if they were put in charge of running Uganda airlines.

Madrat and Chicco excited the crowds with their imitation of ladies dancing in club and how the “born again Christians” sing and dance in church.

Musician Fik Fameika who hit the stage at around 1am fired up the crowd with his hits like Byenyenya, Kutama, Mafia, Gwe abisobola and others. The show ended a few minutes past 2:00am.

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