Jamaican Star Christopher Martin To Rock Kampala

Uganda Jamaican music lovers have a reason to smile as another Jamican star is coming to Kampala. Christopher Martin is set to perform in Kampala on September 5th 2014 alongside fellow Jamaican Celile.

Christopher Martin

The concert is due to take place at Freedom city in Najjanankumbi on Entebbe Road given the fact that Lugogo Cricket Oval which has been hosting international singers was banned by KCCA from holding any more music concerts till further notice. The vocal talents of Christopher Martin have been noted since his humble beginnings.

Who is Christopher Martin?
Christopher Martin (born 14 February 1987) is a Reggae singer/songwriter from St. Catherine, Jamaica. Chris won Digicel Rising Stars in 2005 (the Jamaican version of “American Idol”) and is best known for the songs “Take My Wings”, “Giving It” and “I’ll Be Your Driver”.


The vocal talents of Christopher Martin have been noted since his humble beginnings. Born in Back Pasture, St. Catherine on Valentine’s Day (14 February 1987), to parents Cleveland and Maxine Martin, Christopher attended the Watermount All-Age School and later went on to graduate from St. Jago High School. It was during his High School years that his love for the dramatic arts and sports developed. In 2003 Christopher graduated with countless awards and accolades.

After winning the Digicel Rising Stars competition, Christopher participated in Digicel’s Christmas promotions in 2005. His debut single ‘Love is all We Need’ formed part of the promotional campaign. Christopher created history when he became the first Digicel Rising Stars Alumni to score a hit single on the charts in Jamaica. He instantly shot to fame and shortly after won the coveted ‘Digicel Rising Stars’ title in 2005, becoming one of the most sought after performers on the Jamaican musical landscape.

Among others, Christopher’s parents have been the source of his motivation in pursuing his musical ambitions. “My parents and my peers at School really motivated me. They always said that I would be a star”, he confirms. Already a national household icon, Christopher’s main objective is to take his music to the optimum level. “I want every household across the world to know and love my music and where I come from”, Christopher enthuses.

His debut releases include: ‘Nah Go Change’, ‘Take My Wings’, ‘Tonight’, ‘Giving It’, and the single, ‘Jamaican Girls’ and ‘Gallis’ featuring Busy Signal. He has worked with a number of top producers in the Reggae and Dancehall arena to include, Robert Livingston (Big Yard), Arif Cooper, Shane Brown (Jukeboxx) and Christopher Birch.

Christopher has performed on numerous stage shows across Jamaica and set a precedent for newcomers, when he was invited to perform at ‘One Night with Michael Bolton’ and at the 2008 Air Jamaica Jazz Festival. 2008 was a productive year for Christopher, he was nominated for numerous awards to include, ‘The Jamaica Observer Teenage Choice Awards’ and ‘Excellence in Music and Entertainment’, an achievement which has secured permanence in his art. With a slate of singles permeating drive-time radio and the Jamaican music charts, Christopher Martin is optimistic about his career in music, “It has been a wonderful journey so far, filled with new and promising encounters. It is also challenging but I love what I am doing, so it makes it that much easier.”

His latest musical offering, includes but isn’t limited to ‘Melody To My Song’, on the Good Love Rhythm, produced by Baby G, “She never listens” ft Demarco produced by Star Kutt, “Watch me lord” by Ariff Cooper on the Fresh Ear Label. In addition to those, Christopher Martin is currently heavily promoting “Vibe is Right” on the Street Bullies Medley produced by Tony Kelly as well as “Real Friends” ft Agent Sassco (formerly Assassin) and D-Major by T.J Records is available now. In 2013, Christopher Martin signed to VP Records.

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