Italian lady wanted over human trafficking in Kampala

Authorities in Kampala are hunting for a lady of Italian origin who works for a non profit organization called Precious Life Foundation in Uganda over human trafficking cases.

The lady only identified as Esther is accused of trafficking young vulnerable Ugandan girls and boys to LGBTI victims promising them education and work but later turns them into sex workers without their will.

Some of her victims have dragged her to Police and a search find her whereabouts has kicked off.

Several families have reported to police about how their children are missing and were in the company of the said lady.

According to a source, Esther is still out here in Uganda and the victims families are scared for their safety, lives because she has a big influence and she’s still recruiting more youthful Ugandans, according to Mr. Denis Wamala of Extreme Sounds Entertainment Company who was a boss to one of the victims.

Esther, in her 40s is a tall beautiful lady with blonde hair.

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