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Irene Ntale on signing for Universal Music Group

Diva Irene Ntale has opened up in an exclusive interview with Showbiz Uganda (SB) on being signed by Universal Music Group (UMG) Nigeria.
The ‘Nyamba’ singer was announced year as the new singer under the Nigerian music label. Below is what she thinks of the deal;
SB: Tell us about how you felt on signing for UMG?
Irene Ntale: I am very humbled and excited to be part of it and have such a wonderful opportunity to represent my country Uganda.

SB: How did this deal come to yield fruits?Irene Ntale: Universal Music Group (UGM) contacted me in 2017 and they had the proposal to work with me. By then, i had just gone solo and i wasn’t ready to sign for any label. At that time, i decided to keep working with my sister Sandra until i settled in my solo career. We kept in touch though and this year, they contacted me again. This time i was ready and settled and we finalized the deal in March. They are already recording my songs as well as their videos.

SB: How long is the contract going to last?
Irene Ntale: At the moment, i can’t reveal such but i hope it will be for a longer period.
SB: How has solo career treated you?
Irene Ntale: It has helped me first of all to grow and become strong. It has taught how to run business, have clear vision and goals. And also how to achieve them.
SB: What should your fans expect now that you  are under UMG?
Irene Ntale: They should expect amazing music  with amazing videos and you know they have been asking for me. My latest single ‘Nyamba’ is already out and on all digital platforms. They should expect total amazement.
SB: Are you planning any concert soon?
Irene Ntale: Not this year but am planning one for next year. It should be early and mid next year.
SB: What is your last message to your fans
Irene Ntale: They have been amazing and i call upon them to continue showering me with support. They can continue to enjoy my music by following me on all social media platforms.
Twitter: Ntale
Instagram: Irene_ntale
Check ‘Nyamba’ song on YouTube through this link https://youtu.be/9I-TeiJ8iQ0

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