Intimate Sama Soja and Irene Namubiru pictures leak!

Intimate Sama Soja and Irene Namubiru pictures leak!

Legendary songstress Iryn Namubiru is in the thick of a ‘tricky’ rumor. Social Media is abuzz with the rumor that the Sama Soja and the diva could be dating.

According to pictures that recently went viral on Social Media, the two are closer than is perhaps, safe for their current relationships. Fast rising musical artiste, Tonny Kiza, Sama Soja, who is hastily amassing fans for his musical writing and prowess is said to be the one tickling Irene Namubiru’s fancy.

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The two were seen in a series of pictures that were interpreted by Social Media commentators as the epiphany of a steamy romance in the making. And yet while it is not ascertained what they were doing in the picture, many speculated that their relationship would soon be a public affair.

Are we seeing a marriage soon? Or is it the start of something epic. Watch the space.

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