Influential Actress joins The Black Wall Street Economic War

There is an excitement, energy and power at The Black Wall Street Economic War as Nigerian star actress Clarion Chukwurah joined the flanks at the helm of gaining Africa’s Economic Independence.
Clarion Chukwurah
Charles N. Lambert, the brain spearheading Africa’s first economic war (The Black Wall Street The Economic War) is delighted to welcome the amazing Clarion Chukwurah as a committed fighter against the invaders brands.
Clarion is not just an actress of international repute but also an acclaimed humanitarian. Concerning the Economic War, she had this to say…. “This is truly great. More in tune with a lot of my conversations in New York and Nairobi. I commend him and it’s gonna be so successful if people can hear about it and key in all over Black Africa and the Diaspora”.
Charles Lambert
“Welcome Clarion, together we shall destroy gross poverty in our lifetime,” Lambert added.

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