I wasn’t Fired From The Ebonies – Hady Sengo

The Ebonies’ actress and director Hadija Sengoba aka Hady Sengo has denied reports that she has been fired from local dramatists ‘The Ebonies’. Reports say her controversial social media exchanges led to her sacking.

997028_750130521691888_3898069469794545037_nShowbiz Uganda contacted the actress and she denied the allegations saying she has not received a dismissal letter. The actress has released an official statement on the issue.


Her Statement
I have not been fired from The Ebonies as some sections of the media are alleging. That will never happen. I have not been issued with any dismissal letter. Yes it’s true I didn’t travel to London with the team due Visa sabotage. My boss worked on my visa just like he did for the rest but some people did their best to sabotage it by contacting the embassy claiming that I am not going to come back and since i already have a family there it was easier for the embassy to believe. I don’t know what their intentions were but I am very much a member of The Ebonies. Although I didn’t travel, I have been promoting the group’s schedule on my social media pages since it started and someone who was fired can’t do that I guess. Those claims were created by my haters aiming at tarnishing my reputation and my fame which they will not manage. Thank you
Hadija Sengooba aka Hady Sengo Halliwell

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  1. your haters? Why does every person seem to think they have haters these days?! Social media drama isn’t all there is to your existence; get lives.

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