‘I invest my money in construction not Waragi’ – Suzana

City loaded businesswoman and promoter Suzana Namutebi aka Mtc Numbers has revealed where she invests her money from. The hard working promoter who plies her trade in Dubai is not a fan of showing off by storming entertainment places, night clubs and beaches to spend money.


She revealed to this website that she doesn’t invest her money in Waragi but buildings. Suzana is currently doing a number of construction projects in Kampala and doesn’t see herself going to clubs to splash cash to show off.

One of Suzana's buildings
One of Suzana’s buildings

“I am a woman who doesn’t fear to take you a challenge and the first thing I did was to stay from friends who are constructive because I don’t want to hear them saying we go to club and show our money. I invest my money in buildings not Waragi,” Suzana said.

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