Monday, September 28, 2020

Exclusive: Award Winning Sauti Sol release ‘Midnight Train’ Album

East Africa: Multi -Award winning group Sauti Sol return with their fifth studio album, MIDNIGHT TRAIN, released today on Universal Music Africa. The 13 track album takes you through the journey of life, embracing the trials and tribulations that come with it. The title track “Midnight Train”, produced by Andre Harris (Justin Bieber, Kanye West, […]

Transcending the Covid-19 turbulence: How Investment Clubs can prepare for the challenge ahead

‘The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence – it is to act with yesterday’s logic’ quoting the words of global futurist Jack Uldrich. The pandemic has catapulted the world into a future of deep change thus rendering creativity and action more powerful and versatile than knowledge.   Dr. Peter Kimbowa, a […]

Emirates reaffirms its green commitment on World Environment Day

While people around the planet continue to grapple with the pandemic, there’s also a call to pause and reflect on another cause – Time for Nature, the theme of the UN’s World Environment Day on 5 June. Emirates, acutely aware of its role in the planet’s natural ecosystem, has continued to make progress in the […]

Pictorial: Top slaying poses of the day

Social media has brought the world closer and socialisation is no longer a problem. You no longer need to scratch off your head to look for pictures of beautiful ladies. Today we bring you a number of slay queens, fashionistas and celebrities who have brightened today’s social media pages with saucy images. Here they are; […]

Photos: Who slayed with what today?

There is no single second that passes by on social media without a new picture posted by different individuals. In today’s Editor’s Pick, we bring you who slayed with what today. Juliet Zawedde The bosslady and philanthropist is one lady who keeps her followers updated on her looks with different photos almost on a daily […]

Pictorial: How celebrities, Fashionistas and slay queens slayed today on Social Media

We continue to brighten our pages with top pictures of the day posted on Social Media. Here is a list of who slayed with who and what!! Khallly Bae  The Khally Natural Organic Products boss knows how to pose for the camera. She is a bombshell!!! Doreen Kabareebe Supermodel is back to her original form […]

Pictorial: Top slayers of the day unleashed

Our celebrities, fashionistas and slay queens continue to rock us with some stunning photos and below are some of them. Zenah Nakanwagi  She is Uganda’s best poet and like her work, she also knows how to slay a bit. Kleith Kyatuhaire Former Television star was part of today‘s entourage of photos. It seems lockdown treated […]

Pictorial: Who slayed with what on social media

It is the era of camera and showing off on social media as fashionistas, celebrities and slay queens unleash their hot photos.  Doreen Kabareebe  For the last few days, she has been bombarding us with saucy images and today she hasn’t missed also. Efrance Nakitto The sexiest commercial model in town always stands out when […]

Pictorial: Social Media slayers of the day unveiled

The day has ended peacefully and as usual camera lovers have something to show us to climax the day.  Shalom Kalule Nairobi, Kenyan based Ugandan Radio personality is one person who loves to enjoy in front of a camera. She totally rocks!!! Sheilah Parker The ‘She Boss’ is back at enjoying from her favourite hangout […]

Pictorial: Social Media pick of the day

Here we are again with some of the top notch pictures from Social Media. Enjoy their poses. Nkurunziza Aggy The Kigali smashing socialite and fashionista is making Instagram shine. The photos today are too good to ignore. Fatumah Asha  Fashion designer is no strange to some of the best photos on social media. She doesn’t […]

Pictorial: Who rocked the day on social media platforms

Check out today’s stunning photos from our slayers on social media. Barbie Alokiss Dubai based Supermodel today woke up in slaying moods and spiced up our morning. Bukenya Zasha When it comes to slaying, Zasha is a queen at it. Check for yourself. Daphine Tusiime This week she decided to give us nonstop flow of […]

Pictorial: Who rocked social media today

Today we take a look at our top slayers on social media. Check them out below!! Zari Hassan She is a conqueror and still conquering the social scene.   Tinah Teise This Television personality aka Kabale Juice is not disappointing us this week. Natasha Sinayobye This actress and influencer is surely doing well. Keep on […]

Pictorial; Hottest photos shared on social media today

For comments, WhatsApp on +256781057501 Our eyes are truly feeding optically on social media platforms especially on Facebook and Instagram. We bring you who slayed with who and with what!!! Nana Weber  When it comes to slaying, she is no doubt upper there and can truly entertain. She is crazy!!! Sasha Ferguson  She keeps reminding […]

Pictorial: Who posted what on social media today

Everyday our eyes get excited over dazzling pictures posted on social media. Here are some today’s pictures; Sheilat Mulungi Popularly known as Quin Ov Hearts, this stunning socialite knows how to dazzle in front of a camera. Today she unleashed her poses and she looked amazing. Juliet Zawedde Entrepreneur and philanthropist today decided to slay […]

Pictorial: Today’s Social Media picks as celebrities, singers and personalities unleash their poses

Social Media is the place for posting pictures and what is on your mind, today we bring you some of the pictures shared on social media platforms by different personalities. Juliet Zawedde She is a regular queen when it comes to slaying and today she rocked us in a Gomesi, the traditional Kiganda dress. Mwaj […]

Pictorial: Top on the chat, who fired up social media today

Today we picked what went on social media regarding the lovers of camera. Here they are;  Sheilah Parker She is a true socialite who is not afraid of slaying and here we go again. Judith Heard Today she decided to unleash bikini in black and white. May be she was celebrating Black Lives Matter. Lisa […]