‘I have outgrown lies and empty promises’ – Jenny Kembabazi

Model Jenny Kembabazi sounded pissed with some of her friends for empty promises. The model fresh from Mombasa holiday hit her Instagram page to tell off those who lie to her with empty promises. She revealed that she has outgrown such and is now an independent woman.

Jenny Kembabazi

Jenny Kembabazi

“I have outgrown so many things in my life. I have outgrown those who gladly offer criticism but not support, dull meaningless relationships that feel forced, the need to meet unrealistic expectations of me. I have outgrown always trying to please ungrateful people, trying to prove my worth, people who disappear when life gets a little dark. To hell with all those promises you never kept, I’m over anything and anyone that doesn’t enrich the essence of my soul… I’VE OUTGROWN ALL THAT SHIT,” Jenny posted.

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