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‘I did not kidnap Facebook Blogger’ – Bryan White 

Bryan White Foundation boss, Bryan White has cleared the air regarding the arrest of Facebook blogger Ashburg Katto.

Releasing an official statement today, Bryan White stated that he did not kidnap Ashburg Katto but was arrested by police on charges of defamation and he is safe in police custody.

“I complained to Police over defamation stories published by Katto and his Ghetto TV saying am a drug dealer, for now we are waiting on court to hear my case. My lawyers are working on the case, he will be soon appear before court,” and I am looking up to court for justice.

“Katto said I am not Kirumira Brian, he said am Kiggundu Brian. He said I stole gold money from a Sudanese and i took the largest share. He said I deal in so many fake gold deals. I am a public figure and I expect people to write about me.”

I woke up and made my money, but for Katto, he went personal when he trespassed on my property, when he called me a drug dealer and when he claimed I don’t have a passport and now how do I transport drugs,” he added.

Bryan White said he is not allergic to press or headlines because he knew such was bound to happen because of the kind of work he does but said that it’s annoying when bloggers go beyond and try to do the work of investigators. Katto went over board when he said that forged sickness and he didn’t stop just at writing but went ahead and trespassed on my property. I am doing nothing wrong because everything I have done and will still do is lawful.

“I am not desperate for publicity that I will just sit and let everyone write what they feel like writing and that’s why i am seeking for justice against him.

They should talk about something when they have evidence, and don’t go beyond. I want peace in my country and I can’t let anyone take it away from me.

“No one has had money before, gotten in fraudulently and gas been able to stay here in Uganda ways, let police do its work and if i got it in a wrong way, then let’s wait and see,” he said. I complained to Police like any other Ugandan, i don’t have any intentions of hurting Katto, he is in safe custody as he awaits the law to take its course,” he added.

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