I am the runway queen – Alicia Nassolo

Alicia Nassolo is a model with Zipper of Sylvia Owori. She spoke to Showbiz Uganda about her modeling career and her nomination in Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards.

SU: So who is Alicia Nassolo?

Alicia: She is this funny and stubborn girl who likes making friends allover

SU: Tell us about your career

Alicia: I started modeling career in 2012. I have so far worked with Sylvia Owori, Ras Kasozi, Martha Jabo, Raphael Kasule and almost all agencies and designers around till now and still going forward.

Alicia Nassolo during a catwalk

Alicia Nassolo during a catwalk

SU: Tell us about your modeling?

Alicia: Ohhhh…been modeling since 2012, its almost 3 years now…am so passionate about it because my family supports me in every way and I book a lot of gigs. I am the runway queen! No doubt about it!

SU: What challenges have faced in the industry?

Alicia: I work for peanuts! There is favouritism. With this I mean when there’s an upcoming fashion show you would like to work on, there are particular models they put out there disregarding others. Yet what I want is whenever there’s a show, it should be put out there for models to showcase. We have potential models everywhere. And here in Uganda, Modeling is not yet taken as a job like in other countries. People think we are getting pimped like other fake agencies do!

Alicia during one of her photo shoots

Alicia during one of her photo shoots

SU: How do you feel about Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards nomination?

Alicia: I thought I would be on the outstanding list 2015 because I have been outstanding this year! But its all good because that nomination is enough to market me more and more opportunities might avail out any sooner! Can’t complain. I am nominated in the Upcoming female model 2015! Hehehehe!!!

SU: Who inspired you into modeling?

Alicia: My family. I used to watch models on TV n there was this particular one I resembled… that was in 2010 in my form 6 then they r like u can do this. So my first runway was in club Rouge, Stiletto party with Tracy Borah. Then there were several bikini runways I did there n club silk too. I started other runways in 2013 with Flosha and Gibson.

Alicia is nominated in Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards 2015

Alicia is nominated in Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards 2015

SU: What message do you have for aspiring models?

Alicia: They should be tough like the industry but first things first be passionate about modeling before u become a model! Booking runway gigs is also about your hard work. You should always lookout for yourself. In other wards, fight for your space!

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