How & why President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni snubbed Mulago ED Byarugaba & kept PS Diana Atwine at MOH

Security boys and sharp guys at the finance ministry excited the Mulago ED Byaruhanga Baterana to think he was going to be the next Permanent secretary ministry of health. They told him that all he had to do was to be a very good man and “cooperate” as was required of him as he keeps praying for himself.

The big boys in the finance ministry badly wanted Diana Atwine out because she is complicated and doesn’t bribe auditors write god reports about her performance or to even cover up some of the audit queries.They reactivated their connections around the President in state house and intensified the lobbying for BB as the next PS for health because they were tired of Diana who doesn’t “cooperate.” Atwine is also hated for not allowing to wet the beak of key people who matter at finance and parliament or even auditor general’s office. 

They also didn’t like Atwine Diana because she accesses the President directly and can report their deals and those who may be demanding for kickbacks each time money is allocated to the ministry of health to facilitate service delivery. They became more enchanted when the President, who later complained of corruption at the Finance Ministry, publicly blasted Atwine Diana for failing to buy enough beds for the hospitals. They started throwing houseparties to celebrate that she was finished and then BB was told it was all done deal now.

Inside Mulago hospital management employees started congratulating their ED BB thinking he was leaving anytime to take Diana’s place at health. The man himself had even cleared his desk waiting for the President’s announcement and even his hand over report was ready as his workmates at Mulago prepared to bid him fair well. But state house got wind of the celebratory mood at Mulago and the President vowed to ensure nobody succeeds against his faithful PS Diana.

BB’s name was being fronted by big people from many places but most of his support was coming from the finance ministry where technocrats would brag openly in the corridors that Byarugaba was the next PS for health since even their PPST Keith Muhakanizi had already endorsed and thrown his backing behind him. Some of the security operatives who kept telling BB it was a done deal were also waiting to be rewarded for their prophesy which unfortunately turned out to be untrue since Diana remained PS after the big man refused to be blackmailed to knife her.

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