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How it went down at Oktoberfest

You must be wondering what happened at the Oktoberfest considering that all your friends keep telling you it was fun and the whole I will jazz you, but no one is jazzing.  Worry not we got you!


We were also still reminiscing about the event as well. You know those events you think about and just smile. Well that was the Oktoberfest for those that attended on Saturday at Uganda Museum.


The fest was just one crazy and intimate food, beer and music plus friendship celebration.


There was a huge turn up with lots of booze, competitions, food and a wide range of both Germany and African costumes; optical nutrition was the order of the day.


The excitement was top notch as contestants were rewarded from each competition and anticipation kept increasing as the day went on who would win best outfit.


Long lost Keko was a partial deejay of the show and she sent the crowd dancing to her mad skills, performances by Myko Ouma and Steve Keys lasted close to three hours entertaining crowds (where else can you find that?).


The party was officially started with the beer tapping by the German Ambassador to Uganda.


At that point, the revelers were oblivious of what was going on around them as all eyes were clued to the stage as they were crazy and excited with the expectations of the Bavarian Lions.


Well their expectations were met, as the gentlemen wowed with both the older genre and modern funky Oktoberfest music.


The fest was the best party on Saturday and if you missed it too bad but there is always next next year. See you there!!





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