How Government projects in Greater Masaka region have progressed


Below is the review of the government’s work in Greater Masaka region as the president toured the region earlier this week.

Under the Roads Sector, Upgrading of the Masaka- Bukakata Road is underway. The project is intended to facilitate the evacuation of palm oil from Kalangala Islands to the processing plant in Jinja. The road links Bukakata landing site to the Northern Corridor route (Kampala – Masaka – Katuna).

The total road project length is 41km. The existing gravel road will be upgraded to class 2 paved roads with 2 meters shoulders on either side of the carriageway.

60% of the people valued on the Masaka- Bukata Road project have been paid and the rest will be paid as soon as the in house team finalizes the data capture and the valuation report.

Weigh Bridge located 30KM from Masaka Town for axle load control at Lukaya on Masaka- Kampala Road is now operational. Many trucks pass through this road with luggage overloaded on their axles, heading to Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania. The axle load compliance has greatly improved since its inception saving the road from overloads and induced stresses that can destroy and reduce its life span, which leads to loss in road infrastructure investment.

Construction of the weigh bridge at Mutukula on Masaka-Kyotera-Mutukua Road is now complete but note yet operational. The weighing equipment is pending installation. Leveling and construction of the parking yard is yet to commence and to date local construction materials have been delivered to site namely: gravel, hardcore and sand.

Bukakata ferries are now working. These 2 ferries connect Masaka district to Luuku in Kalangala district and is operated by Kalangala Infrastructure Services (KIS). The Ferries are in good condition each making a minimum 4 trips Monday to Saturday and 3 trips on Sunday.

NAADS/Operation Wealth Creation distribution in the district of Greater Masaka are; coffee (1,500,000), mangoes (283,000), Citrus (623,000), Bananas (76,000) and pineapples (3,300,000)

Ongoing distribution 2017/18 are mangoes seedlings (40,000), Citrus seedlings (40,000), pineapple suckers (162,450), Banana Suckers (12,067) and cassava cutting bags (900).

Women Fund Financial Year distribution in Masaka as at 30th June 2017 UGX 136,000,000

Under the health sector, the immunization coverage in Masaka district stands at 93.3% for measles, 97% for DPT1, 96.3% for DPT3 and 111.9% for BCG

10/09/2017, 13:29 – Charlotte Kemigyisha: Latrine coverage in Masaka District stands at 84.5% and Safe water coverage stands at 86%.

Under the education sector, the number of primary schools in Masaka district are 200 (86 by government and 114 by private) while enrollment in primary school stands at 35,483 in government schools and 25,990 for private schools.

Still under the education sector, the number of secondary schools in Masaka district are 41 (08 by government and 33 by private) while enrollment in secondary school stands at 9,195 in government schools and 11,409 for private schools. That’s a total of 20,604 students enrolled.

Under the water sector, projects implemented during 2016/2017 F/Y in Masaka include construction of a piped water scheme, 16 Rain water harvesting tanks and 20 Rehabilitation channels.

Under the energy sector, the following is schemes were implemented using GoU funding COMPLETED SCHEMES

(Works implemented using GoU funding) *Kyanamukaka – Kyesiga – Dimo landing site Project* serving the following areas; Kyanamukaka, Kyanamukaka HC, Kyanamukaka Sub-County headquarters, Kyanamukaka Parents, Kaswa, Lusakalwamese, Lusakalwamese PS & Church, Butonzi, Kamulegu TC & church, Kamulegu PS, Kamulegu HC II, Magiri TC, Kyesige Village, Kyesigwa TC, Police Katwe TC, Katwe PS, Lwemode TC, Lwemode church, Gayaza Kanala TC, Bbuliro PS, Bbuliro church, Bbuliro TC, Ddimo landing site, Ddimo Church, Ddimo landing site Mosque

Other completed schemes in Masaka include LV Extension to Mitemula Village at Kako, Kiwoomya Village, Engeye Health Clinic, Lukaya Maize Millers, Kyamula Primary School at Kyanamukaka, Kakunyu – Kyanakase – Kasanje Trading centers and Environs, Mother Kevina Country Home and Hotel

Other works implemented using JICA I / GoU funding in Masaka are; Masaka – Bukakata with a T-off to Nabugabo Resort Project serving the following areas; Kayigi / Serinya TC, Sunga TC, Nabugabo Camp, Sunga Village, Kigo TC, Banadu TC, Katiko TC, Lambu Landing Site, Bukakata Landing Site & Kachanga TC.


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