How camping experiences are taking shape in Uganda

How camping experiences are taking shape in Uganda

The first thing that springs to mind when you mention Uganda’s entertainment scene is most likely night clubs, open rooftop bars and beach sand experiences, among others.

Not outdoor camping, I bet!  If recent developments are anything to go by, Ugandans are embracing outdoor camping experiences.

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The most popular has been Nyege Nyege, a music and arts festival which held its first edition in 2015 and has since become a staple in the calendars of both local and international festival enthusiasts.

Following in the footsteps of the Jinja-based event comes “Rumble in the Jungle” – a mix of music, colour, games and camping held at different locations over the years.

These include Kaazi, Entebbe, in 2019 and the latest edition – which was held at Nyungu Ya Mawe Forest Park in Kira, off Bulindo Road last week.

The four-day event, sponsored by Captain Morgan is a clear indication that camping and outdoors activities are taking shape in Uganda and offering an alternative experience to those seeking a good time beyond the usual bar-beach-nightclub cycle.

Rumble In The Jungle’s fourth edition at Nyungu Yamawe was a mixture cocktail of colour, music, and everything entertainment including liquor and meat.

The latest information from entertainment circles is that the next “Rumble In The Jungle” experience could be in the pipeline and could take place in either Mbarara or Jinja, although organisers remain tight lipped about the venues.

It was an aura of excitement caused by serene air at Nyungu Ya Mawe Forest Park, the outdoor décor and twinkle lights, cool music and outdoor games like Ludo board game spiced up the experience.

With the local and international musical vibes there that kept flowing throughout the entire stay during the three days, certainly was plenty for taste.

If you are the artsy type and have attended the event, then you have definitely had fun. Music filled the air, the beats by mainly DJs and artists’ performances (on the last day Saturday) lifted the spirits and made the people want to move, jump and sing.

‘Captain Morgan experience’ Captain Morgan was a perfect fit for Rumble In The Jungle. This is simply because of its adventure, the pirate spirit, and the heritage.

Immediately after the checkpoint on the entrance, there was a table where free shots of Captain Morgan were served to revelers where they enjoyed its smooth tasting rum.

Captain Morgan has secret recipe of spice and natural flavours that are expertly blended with fine Caribbean rum.

This creates a taste and colour for a smooth and refreshing tasting drink. The rum was served over ice, with cola and a slice of lime.

The brand as well, had a uniquely designed photo both where most revelers preferred taking pictures from.

The booth not only gave opportunity for revelers to capture some of the fun moments at Rumble In The Jungle but also served as party favor too, which was a perk; it was a time to celebrate being alive and celebrate the wonders of pure artistry.

There was a treasure hunt experience in which revelers got an opportunity to unleash their pirate spirits as they discovered and enjoy a variety of smooth Captain Morgan cocktails.

The Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) Events Manager Herbert Ndugga said the treasure hunt is one of captains’ traits, and the captain is here to lead the way to it.

“The Treasure may be that new friend, the great music and the like.” He said Captain Morgan chose to be part of the Rumble In The Jungle as a way of giving people a feel of themselves.

“The concept here is to get the fun of you, and the jungle life is what defines that,” said Ndugga.

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