Hamilton Recreation Park – The HARP introduces Sunday Live ; A Live musical experience for Kira Families

Hamilton Recreation Park – The HARP introduces Sunday Live ; A Live musical experience for Kira Families

Zaabu Band to Headline The Day

XFM’s Denzel UG set to carry the crowd late into the night

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Nyama choma, mokimo, and premium pork on the menu

Family entertainment all day

The Ugandan landscape is defined by entertainment, and Kira Municipality is not to be left behind. On 30th July 2023, Kira, Namugongo, Kyaliwajjala, Sonde, Najjera and the surrounding areas will be treated to a band music festival and plenty of nyama choma hosted by Hamilton Recreation Park – The HARP. The lush green recreation center will have a live thematic experience for revelers who enjoy live music from as early as 10am. In the morning, all screens will have live performances of different artists to set the mood for the day.

At noon the new kid on the block when it comes to band music, The Twelfth Band, a group made of 8 talented performers will take over Garden One and entertain the revelers as they enjoy their lunch of yummy nyama choma, mokimo (Kenyan delicacy from the Kikuyu ethnic), premium roasted pork (pork marinated for 5-8 hours, and later prepared over the heat from the oven and not directly from the fire hence having no fat), premium goat, pizzas, and many other food varieties.

At exactly 8pm the versatile Zaabu band will take over in the mood lit Garden Two and carry the crowd to the land of bliss with danceable performances. The two hour journey by Zaabu will feature reggae, Ugandan music, rhythm and blues, and some lingala among others. Later in the night, the energetic DJ Denzel UG will close the show with his mixes.

According to Harp Hamilton’s General Manager Jackline, Sunday Live is a once in a month musical experience that will bring to the center different bands and DJs. “We aim to have Kira residents sample a rich variety of bands once every month to stop the monotony of having the same band over and again. This will enrich our entertainment menu and give The Harp clients something to look up to”

A recreation center built with the family in mind, the place has facilities for almost every family member, two swimming pools (for children and adults), a basketball court, an artificial turf football pitch, a gym, sauna and a massage parlor. “The Harp was created with family in mind. We wanted families to have an entertainment supermarket sort of and that is why we have everything in one place” Says Dr. David Mukanga, Director, Harp Hamilton Recreation Center. “We even cater for Formula One enthusiast and cyclists,” he adds.

For the evening events, tickets are on sale at UGX 10,000 ordinary, UGX 300,000 VIP table that comes with a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey, and UGX 500,000 a table that comes with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Double Black. One can get a ticket online on 252 Lifestyle or call 039,001,281, or 0705,408,406

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