Hajji’s wife quits home over communication with hubby’s disowned children

Hajji Wamala Badru Mukwaya has assaulted and threatened to divorce his wife Hajjat Wamala Amiinah Mukwaya after discovering that she still talks to the children he disowned over gay.
Sources told this website that Hajji Wamala Badru fell out with his daughter Nabukenya Halima Wamala and son Rashid Wamala who have since flew to Canada to seek asylum. They now live in Toronto.
He directed all his family members to cut off communication with the two children but he was shocked to find their mother on phone with one of them yesterday.
Hajji Wamala Badru Mukwaya

He has been hearing rumours but yesterday finally confirmed and this led his to assault his wife and threatened to even divorce her. After beating her, she ran away from her marital home fearing for her life and she stays at a friend’s place these days.

Hajjat Wamala Amiinah Mukwaya
He is very bitter with her over defying his directives as the family head. Watch the space!!!

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