Aponye Management speaks out on circulating social media story about their products

The Management of Aponye Uganda Limited has informed the general public that the information and photoshop pictures being shared on social media are malicious, defamatory and false. The photoshop do not depict Aponye Products and services. The said such information is intended to misinform the public about the food that is currently being distributed by Government of Uganda and supplied by Aponye.


The management said the food is being processed using the best automated technology of food processing imported from Turkey and India. They have automated cleaning, sorting, drying and de-stoning of beans before bagging. Their 3kg and 6kg bags of beans and maize flour are made to withstand rapture during transportation and handling. The food does not get into human contact at all stages of production. Aponye has quality management systems and standard operating procedures to make sure the food is suitable for human consumption.

The management believes the basis of such information and propaganda is bad business acumen that is not based on competitive advantage and public should give it the abhorrence it deserves.

“We continue to distance ourselves from this kind of bad business competition. We reiterate our commitment to quality and using our 30 years’ experience in food processing to serve Ugandans during this trying moment in life,” Aponye management said.

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