Golola Moses and My Doctor Embark on a Journey to Transform Healthcare in Uganda

Golola Moses and My Doctor Embark on a Journey to Transform Healthcare in Uganda

In what is undoubtedly a significant moment for healthcare in Uganda, national kickboxing icon Golola Moses has joined hands with the pioneering telemedicine service provider, My Doctor.

This strategic partnership is poised to usher in a new era of healthcare accessibility and quality across the country, with a keen focus on addressing the needs of traditionally underserved populations.

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The ambitious alliance is set to serve over 100,000 users, leveraging Golola Moses’s broad reach and influence to extend its healthcare services. A major area of focus for this initiative is women’s health, seeking to equip women with crucial health knowledge and tools. This concerted effort is expected to have far-reaching impacts, fostering healthier and more resilient communities.

“My alliance with My Doctor is more than a partnership; it’s a pledge to the people of Uganda. A pledge to bring quality healthcare within everyone’s reach. Together, we’re standing up for health, empowering people with knowledge and resources, and throwing a knockout punch to disease. Here’s to a healthier Uganda!” noted Golola Moses.

Maternal and child health is another key area that this partnership will reinforce. With My Doctor’s established comprehensive antenatal, pediatric, labor, and safe childbirth programs, the partnership with Golola Moses is set to take these services to new heights, thereby improving health outcomes for mothers and children nationwide.
Further, the partnership is dedicated to building a future of enhanced healthcare education and training for healthcare providers. The investment in professional development will not only improve service delivery but also contribute to the overall reduction of healthcare costs.

“The collaboration between My Doctor and Golola Moses holds immense potential for Uganda’s healthcare future. The idea of harnessing the reach of a national hero like Golola to further our healthcare initiatives is not just innovative, but also truly inspiring – it certainly marks a new and promising chapter in Uganda’s healthcare chronicle,” expressed Sharon Nambozo, My Doctor’s Business Development Officer.

Beyond the immediate benefits, this partnership holds significant promise for the future of Uganda’s economy. By improving population health and reducing healthcare costs, the initiative will pave the way for increased workforce productivity, contributing to the country’s economic prosperity.

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