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‘God gave me an angel of a husband’ – Daphine

Days after Daphine Frankstock introduced his lover and city comedian Patrick Idringi Salvado, she has described him as an angel of a husband given to her by God. 
Daphine went on to say she married her best friend in funny man Salvado.

The celebrity couple held an introduction on Sunday in Mityana.
“How lucky can one woman be , I married my best friend…Can’t Thank God enough. My God has been so good to me in so many ways but the very best is giving me an angel for a husband,” Daphine said.
On his part, Salvado described Daphine as woman and a half. He said he is lucky to have her as his wife.
“I remember at Kyamagero’s wedding afterparty, my wife had a Long chat with Pastor Ron Walusimbi’s wife Christine about our preparations for our Kwanjula, she mentioned something that I’ve come to believe is just too perfectly true. She said that the people you have high hopes in to support you emotionally, physically, spiritually or financially will disappoint you, and those you don’t even have in mind will shock you with full support …. and I must say I witnessed this when preparing for my big day, I have close friends, colleagues, former workmates who didn’t even send me a message of congrats when my big day happened. In my life, a thank you or well done or congratulations is more meaningful than money. This has taught me never to over expect anything from people, the ones who come through are your people, the ones who don’t … well they have made their statement. I’m still super over joyed by the support I got from people.
The days DJ Moustey, OMG you are something else, you know what you are doing, you are blessed.
My girl Lydia Jazmine ehhh banange how will I ever thank you … you came through for me, you brought my bride out of the house for the first time with one of my favorite songs JIMPE that got me tearing …
Then the surprise of the night REMA.. madam, when I first called you about my day you said Salvado don’t worry about money, just remind me a day to your big day and I’ll come through, I was like madam be serious … you doing this for free???? She said you are my brother … naye Oba how many times have I cried in this period. I didn’t want to expect much coz sometimes artists promise and don’t deliver but this lovely lady came though … she brought out my bride on her second appearance and I was like God you have blessed my day.
My brother Alex Muhangi so much has been said and written about our friendship, but for you to leave your gig and come to Mityana to celebrate my day is something I’ll never forget in my life… thank you my brother.
My best man Mutengu Tonny hehehe Oba what can I say… you are an amazing person, I thank God for your brotherhood.
To my family and friends who came through, I can’t mention all of you, I just want to say thank you and God bless you in all that you do.
My wife and I are forever thankful. Waliwo party eja.. Mwesibe biri,” Salvado posted.

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