Glamour Gal Bad Black Out Of Jail

City glamour girl Bad Black real name Shanita Namuyimba is out of prison on bail.
It is going to be the best Friday of 2015 as the ‘true’ money bags of Uganda, is out of Jail. Bad black who is serving a year jail sentence after losing the fraud case in court made her appearance with former sweetheart, Prof. Big Eye. An overjoyed Prof. Big Eye was the first to break the news on his Facebook wall.
The glamour girl is out after coming up with the sh100m bail money. Black, who is serving a 4-year jail sentence for embezzlement, applied for bail to seek medical attention for her breast implants.
Black failed to appear in court on November 19 to complete her bail process because she did not have the sh100m for bail.

Out on bail; Bad Black

Out on bail; Bad Black
Veteran musician Halima Namakula became her shoulder to lean on as she conjured up means to come up with the money. Halima was reported to be scouting town looking for money from Black’s ‘former’ friends and well wishers to get her out of jail.

There have been reports that Black’s breasts were deteriorating because she was not accessing the required medical attentions for her implants. Black has claimed before that the operation cost her US$260,000.
In July, the Anti-corruption court found Black guilty of embezzling sh11b from Davenshan Development Limited.
Black, 27, was the only signatory to Daveshan Development Limited because her lover David Greenhalgh was away in Britain.

Meddie Ssentongo, the co-convict, was sentenced to 18 months in jail whixh he served and completed.

Bad Black was also jointly convicted with Meddie on two counts of conspiracy to defraud.

Bad Black argued that she needed urgent medical attention as her breasts and caesarean scar require close monitoring.

The judge agreed with Bad Black that her condition was grave because the implants in her breasts had to be removed and could only be treated abroad.

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