‘Give us money and we deliver’ – Dott Services

Dott Services Limited, the Naguru based construction company hired to lay asphalt and box culverts on Mbale-Tirinyi Road has complained of lack of cash in its effort to deliver perfect work. The company has called on government through Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) to avail cash so as to be able to affect work on the affected road.

Heavy downpour on Monday, April 17 washed away three of the diversions previously created by the contractor to enable ongoing rehabilitation works on the Nakalama—Tirinyi – Mbale Highway cutting off the road completely.

This compelled senior Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) officials led by Acting Executive Director Sam Muhoozi to rush to the affected area.

In an emergency meeting held at the Dott Services camp in Tirinyi, Muhoozi asked the contractor to explain what caused the mess.

Dott Services co-Director Prasad said financial challenges have affected their speed and operations.

“We never expected a cash flow problem,” said Prasad, adding, “If the banks know you have cash flow problems it becomes difficult to open lines of credit to get financing.” He also said the incident was unexpected but appropriate action had been taken to address the situation.

During yesterday’s meeting, Muhoozi “noted with concern that the situation could have been averted.”

He added: “I don’t agree that this was an act of God. You didn’t envisage that such a thing could happen. You didn’t consider the drainage problem. A similar case could happen if we get more rains.”

Muhoozi directed that Dott Services must “mobilize enough to work on the sites concurrently.”

The closure of the road compelled travelers to use the longer Tororo-Mbale route to access Eastern Uganda. The contractor was advised to mobilize a speed moisture tester to expedite the work. Currently, traffic is flowing after new diversions were created by the contractor.

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