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Gamers empire set to launch in Kampala this June

Kampala: The Gamers Empire on June 5, 2021 will officially launch and for the first time, Kampala will be introduced to such a futuristic gaming Arena.

Boasting of first-ever 9D gaming assets in Kampala, Gamers Empire will be the new gaming haven where fanatics of Virtual Reality, Predator Machines and 9D gaming will converge to enjoy the ultimate best that gaming technology has to offer. The state of the art arena is fully attended to by expert gaming guides who will give you a few tips and make sure that all your gaming needs are satisfied.

Gamers empire will also hold the biggest gaming tournaments in the country, seasonal competitions and award winners, to promote the gaming culture in Uganda.

“Here at Gamers Empire we have games and consoles for people of all ages. We believe that no one is too young or too old to enjoy video games,” said Brian Lister Kansiime the marketing manager.

Unlike before when gaming centers were an instant hit and Customers would pay as low as 500shs for 10 minutes of FIFA, PES or Mortal Kombat among other tech-led video games and they would enjoy every cent of their money.
That culture had slowly started fading away as people started buying their own gaming consoles to enjoy from the comfort of their homes or hostel rooms. This the game changer.

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