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Nansana Witch cited in Daddy Andre beats, Marriage Woes

Daddy Andre is one of Uganda’s celebrated music producers, however, new details have emerged about how he uses a yet to be identified witch in Nansana to further his career.

Moles have told us that Andre whose marriage to fellow artist Nina Roz, was reported to be over, is said to call the Nansana witch before putting his magic hands in the studio at play.

“When he wants to out a new beat, he calls the witch at midnight,” the mole says.

The moles further add that his woes with bonkmate Roz can be traced to the devil’s advocate in Nansana whose shrine he frequents.

“One of these days he will be embarrassed when pictures of him go viral on social media sneaking out of the shrine Kadaga-style,” our source intimidated.

“She got to know that he is using black power to achieve and could not stomach it,” Nina Roz close pals told us.

Andre, a former street child who didn’t see much of a blackboard has gained prominence in the entertainment industry producing and featuring in popular songs with a hooky flow.

Last month, a news website reported that Andre is in preparations to hold a fresh martial ceremony with his new lover only identified as Shakira.

The rumor adds that the martial ceremony between Daddy Andre and Shakira is set to take place in Las Vegas, USA where the latter is based but not much is known about the new lover of the bipolar musician who is reportedly short tempered.

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