Fresh Dairy Marketing Manager Vincent Omoth talks about Fresh Dairy’s Healthy Fats – Butter, Ghee & Fresh Cream

Fresh Dairy Marketing Manager Vincent Omoth talks about Fresh Dairy’s Healthy Fats – Butter, Ghee & Fresh Cream


Fresh Dairy has recently unveiled a new campaign – #MyPlateMyFoodMyHealth. Tell us what the campaign is all about.

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#MyPlateMyFoodMyHealth is a new campaign focusing on Fresh Dairy healthy fats – Fresh Dairy Butter, Fresh Dairy Ghee and Fresh Dairy Fresh cream. This campaign highlights the need for our consumers to ensure that they personally select healthy foods to go onto their plates because the food one eats in turn determines one’s health.

What makes Fresh Dairy Fats unique?Fresh Dairy ghee is pasteurized making it a safer option for digestive health Fresh Dairy butter has the ultimate butter taste, is available as both salted and unsalted.Fresh Dairy cream is always fresh, since it is available on order only.

Are Fresh Dairy Fats healthy?

Fresh Dairy Ghee

According to Dr Kitaka Sabrina, a senior pediatrician, ‘Research proves that ghee is low in fat, and contains healthy fats with good cholesterol to add to one’s body. Ghee contains Butyric acid which is good with the digestive system and strengthens one’s immunity. Ghee is a dependable source of critical oil-soluble vitamins A and E that are needed for a healthy liver and balanced hormones.

Fresh Dairy Butter

Dr Kitaka Sabrina adds that Butter contains Vitamin D which is vital for bone growth and development, makes the skin, nails and hair look healthier and also contains Vitamin K1 and K2 which play a significant role in preventing tooth decay.

Fresh Dairy Fresh Cream

Dr Kitaka also notes that Fresh cream contains a significant amount of Vitamin B2 which supports growth of body tissue, supports brain functionality and rejuvenates the health of red blood cells which supply oxygen and transport nutrients to the right places in the body.

What sizes do the Fresh Dairy fats come in?

Fresh Dairy Butter comes in 250g Unsalted and Salted pack sizes

Fresh Dairy Ghee comes in 500ml and 1 Litre tins

Fresh Dairy Fresh cream comes in 5 Litre Jerrycans.

How will consumers learn how to prepare healthy meals using Fresh Dairy fats – Butter, Ghee and Fresh cream?

Fresh Dairy has brought on board renown Chef – Mutale Michael to showcase to consumers how Fresh Dairy fats – Butter, Ghee and Fresh cream can be used to prepare various popular Ugandan and continental meals.

For instance, Fresh Dairy Ghee is popular with Katogo (Matooke mixed with Groundnuts, Offals or Cow peas); Fresh Dairy Butter is popular with bread, bakes and pastries while Fresh Dairy – Fresh cream is popular with soups. These are among the recipes that Chef Mutale will showcase to Ugandans to learn how to prepare meals using Fresh Dairy healthy fats. We also have Dr Kitaka Sabrina, a senior Pediatrician whose gives daily healthy tips on the consumption of ghee, butter and fresh cream.

Vincent Omoth – Marketing Manager Fresh Dairy

Renown Food Critic and Consultant – Apollo Kadumukasa Kironde II is also on board to sample and review food recipes prepared as part of this campaign to ascertain taste, aroma and retell his entire experience to guide consumers.

Are Fresh Dairy fats also produced using Ugandan milk?

Fresh Dairy works with both small and large scale dairy farmers, from whom we source the milk we use in all our products every day, which makes Fresh Dairy Fats – Butter, Ghee and Fresh Cream 100% Ugandan. All Fresh Dairy fats are produced from our Kampala based state of the art factory. The income that the farmers earn from the milk supplied to Fresh Dairy supports in improving their respective families’ livelihoods.

Are Fresh Dairy Fats – Butter, Ghee and Fresh cream readily available countrywide?

Fresh Dairy Butter and Ghee are readily available countrywide in Shops, Duukas, Supermarkets, Kiosks and Tricycle agents. For Fresh Dairy Fresh cream, we encourage consumers to order it fresh straight from our Kampala based factory.

For order delivery, consumers can place orders Monday to Saturday, 8am to 5pm by simply calling our customer care toll free on 0800100020/21 or WhatsApp 0715744664.

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