Frank Tumwebaze Resumes Office Duties To Quell Suspension Rumours

The Minister for Presidency and Kampala Capital City Authority, Frank Tumwebaze has resumed his official office duties after annual leave. His back to office comes a week after there were rumours on social media that he was suspended and was under investigation by Security Minister Hon. Wilson Muruli Mukasa. The most polished Museveni activist was seen with a jolly smile as he resumed his official duties after addressing a Press Conference yesterday. “Frank Tumwebaze's return to office has quelled rumours of suspension

Frank Tumwebaze’s return to office has quelled rumours of suspension

“I know my office is a tough one. I have taken decisions which some people did not want me to take,”
“For those that wished me well in the New Year, I am here and those who wished me bad, I am back,” he added.
“I do not want to be a rumour monger like them but there are some that I know. But as a political leader, they must know that I am not acting in the theatre to attract fans but for work,” he added.

There has been wide spread speculation on social media which suggested that the minister had been sent on forced leave pending investigations. The government last Friday, however, came out to dispel the rumours, with State House indicating that the minister was on leave.

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