First Ladies!!!! Nancy Kitaka & Barbie Itungo shine in Independence attires

First Ladies!!!! Nancy Kitaka & Barbie Itungo shine in Independence attires

9th October was a big celebration for Uganda as the country reached her 59th Independence land mark.

For the normal Ugandan, it was just another day to hail the freedom fighters of the yester years. But for the Ugandan fashion zealots in Uganda and across the world, it was a fashion extravaganza.

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The internet was awash with a number of pictures, but only two stood out. It was the picture of the the Kampala First Lady Barbie Itungo (Bobi Wine’s wife) and UK-Uganda first lady, Nancy Kitaka renowned as the first lady of Uganda in the UK diaspora.

Their pictures went viral because they seemed to have ushered in what seemed like the trend of the independence day weekend. They rocked the same fashion outfit, a one armed dress, and they shone brighter than the yellows in the Ugandan flag.

Almost like it was rehearsed, because as Barbie Itungo attended family friend, Nubian Lee’s matrimonial affair, Nancy Kitaka was on the other end of the earth, sharing in the same fashion-thought train.
Barbie rocked a silver dress, while Nancy Kitaka shone in a black and yellow dress. The two have often been compared because they have a lot in common.

Both ladies are renowned for championing very impactful charitable causes for the girl child. Nancy Kitaka has made her presence felt across both Uganda and the overseas.

She’s a renowned MC for the Ugandans leaving in the Diaspora, but as well as a mother who has changed the lives of many young girls through donations of hygiene materials like sanitary pads.

We celebrate both ladies in the same light and we hail them for hoisting the Ugandan flag ever so high.

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