‘Fans should not always defend Celebrities’ – Dixon Okello

They are not prophets and can be wrong at times

Gone are the days in the Uganda entertainment Industry, where celebrities were humble and appreciated the love and support shown to them by their fans. Despite the Money and Fame, they still maintained the humility.

Songbird Juliana Kanyomozi

Songbird Juliana Kanyomozi

We are well aware that Uganda is blessed with a massive collection of renowned celebrities but there is a set of formidable lots among them who you can’t get away with a careless mention of their names. This is because they have innumerable fans who are ever ready anytime, anywhere to fiercely defend them, even when they know that the criticism in question is a glaring truth.

Its quite amazing how some of these celebrities don’t even need to defend themselves when attacked, their fans are ready to leap to their defense at the tiniest provocation. Its not like they are asking the fans to do that but the public’s love for them has made their fans very protective of them.

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