Extra Curvy Nana Weber sizzles in selfie poses


If my eyes aren’t deceiving me I’d swear that Nana Weber is shaped like a valley of hills. I don’t think there’s a section on her body that isn’t curvy. She’s one woman I would like to build a sand castle for.

Then crown her as queen. It’s the least I could do as a token of my appreciation. It’s my way of saying thank you for allowing a look at her beyond desirable shape. Nana is a woman I always wish to see more of in less clothes. With all due respect, she’s at her most desirable in her natural state. That’s why seeing her at the beach is such a treat.

There’s no need to search for buried treasure at the same beach Nana makes an appearance at. She’s above ground so there’s no digging required and she’s a woman that’s worth her weight in gold.

If it was possible, I’d invent a Nana detector. That way searching for her would be a breeze. But I’d say Nana is made from lovely dreams and great life decisions instead of a detectable metal. My invention will have to wait. But until then I’ll keep getting an eyeful of Nana.


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