Esther was on dress code point at KCCA festival

Former Big Brother Africa star Esther Akankwasa was perhaps the best dressed lady at the just concluded Kampala City Carnival.

Esther being interviewed at KCCA festival

Esther being interviewed at KCCA festival

The socialite came dressed like the real Brazilian carnival ladies at the Bell Lager sponsored event and since we have copied the carnival thing from the Brazilian culture then I think she was on point with her dress code on Sunday.  [adrotate banner=”3″]

The socialite has gone on to defend her dress code on her social media after she was criticised by a section on Ugandans. Below is her statement about her dress code;

Esther dressed like a real lady in carnival with her friends at Sunday's KCCA festival

Esther dressed like a real lady in carnival with her friends at Sunday’s KCCA festival

“Let me take this opportunity to educate a few people, on some tv stations, they said I was arrested prior to my dress code which is not correct. Secondly, people were screaming for what??I don’t know!!4 years back, I wore a crop top and shorts (my friend @casaderoy called me Lady GaGa,lol),people said a lot, now crop tops and shorts are trending, 2 years from now, I bet Ugandans will understand what to wear where!!!If I express myself in a certain manner, don’t judge me because you dressed in your office or Sunday wear at the ‎carnival‬, I mean a “CARNIVAL”. If I didn’t judge your ignorance, don’t harass my humour. So I will be watching at the next carnival. I lead, you follow,” she posted on her wall.

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