END OF THE ROAD: Anne Kansiime confirms marriage collapse, back to single life

END OF THE ROAD: Anne Kansiime confirms marriage collapse, back to single life

Like the Boyz II Men sang the song ‘End Of The Road’,  Uganda and Africa’s number one comedienne Anne Kansiime has confirmed that her marriage road with Gerald Ojok has ended.

While answering online questions from fans and followers on Saturday, Anne Kansiime confirmed that her and Gerald Ojok are no longer together and she is back to single life.

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End of The Road; Gerald Ojok and Anne Kansiime have parted ways

Gerald Ojok and I are not together anymore. Reasons why are we are not are not for anyone else to know but the two of us. Yes am single now but I guess I won’t be coming to be eaten soon,” Anne said.

Anne Kansiime answering online questions from fans on Saturday

She advised her fans and friends not to worry adding that she will find happiness again for sure.

The comedienne who spends most of her time at her new hangout Kansiime Backpackers on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi said those who said they loved pictures of her and Ojok will be fine because they might not see any more pictures of them together in the future

Single again: Anne Kansiime

‘I am acting like a real ninja by loving myself although I am still confused actually the marriage collapse.

“Well, don’t believe tabloids because a lot they say is all blown out of proportion but that said, we are not together anymore,” she added.

A fan asked her: Are you still married to Ojok or it was a joke?

Kansiime Anne/Entertainer: Real joke

Nancy Susan: So Ojok was a joke

She also revealed that she is working on children’s show and a talk show which are going to start next year. “2018 is going to be bloody,” she added.

Check out Kansiime Backpackers here https://www.facebook.com/Kansiime-Backpackers-163919204126843/

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