Elvis Ssekyanzi, Allan Ntanda refute rift rumours

Proprietor of Silk Events, Elvis Ssekyanzi has for the past couple of weeks been the subject of misinformed ridicule among his affluent folk.

Rumours have been circulating in the media that Ssekyanzi and Allan Ntanda, proprietor of Wine Garage were at loggerheads. But we have established that the story was false and baseless.

Elvis Ssekyanzi

Our sources at the Bugolobi based Silk Events intimated to us that Allan and Elvis are not at loggerheads and the two are still as tight as peas in a pod and work together as well.

Allan Ntanda

When tasked to demystify the source of smoke, our source relayed that there was no smoke at all.

“The media just has something against our boss. No such thing has happened. Ntanda and Ssekyanzi have always been, and are still good friends. Whoever is publishing stories that the two split bitterly is bitter about something. And that is the only mysterious notion in this situation. The people behind the writing and publishing of those stories have a hidden agenda. And that is what you should investigate,” a pal of the two told us.

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