e-shopping platform ‘StarTimes GO’ launched by StarTimes

With people around the globe required to stay home amid COVID-19 pandemic, StarTimes has thought of an e-shopping to help people do the shopping from comfort of their homes to avoid spread of the deadly disease caused by Coronavirus.

However, to suffice the requirement of daily life, how to shop efficiently and safely has become a new problem to some of the families.

To solve such a problem, StarTimes has launched an interactive e-shopping platform of premium selection named StarTimes GO, and as of 22nd April 2020, the programme of the same name started airing on these channels: Sanyuka TV three times a day, Magic 1HD four times a day, and Face TV every after one hour. The hosts of the programme will explain the feature, quality, usage of each product and show the differences in one series, and the audience shall know the specific information without risking physical contact with salesperson.

StarTimes Go offers an access to the no-touch “TOP” shopping experience, namely through integrated services available via TV, Online and Phone-call.

The newly born e-shopping service will cover Pan-African areas with Uganda and Kenya being the first countries as pilot project.

With the slogan “Better Life, Let’s GO”, the program frequently displays smart equipment such as TV set, solar power system and decoder, and the category will be expanded gradually. Aside from the safety consideration, a fact that makes your choice even wiser is that most products available are priced lower than the market price. And by purchasing decoder, solar power system and TV set, StarTimes ON (the streaming media APP) membership shall be complementary on three devices, enabling the audience to access content anytime and anywhere.

As the client, you do not need to leave home at all. Simply call 0701117217 and 0781958367 and have your order made directly, and you can pay cash on delivery. The OTT platform StarTimes ON can also help you choose and order product safely. And the installation service is also available after payment, with a swift delivery to home.

“We know that a healthy environment is important for pandemic control thus we innovated a safe platform as well as a no-touch shopping method in order to help people stay safe in these difficult times,” Mr. Franklin Wang, the CEO of StarTimes in Uganda said.

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