Dream America to premiere on July 29th  2016

Dream America to premiere on July 29th 2016

New Ugandan film Dream America is set to premiere on July 29th at The Hub Oasis Mall Nakumatt. Check out the details about the movie and the actors below;

‘Dream America’ is a Ugandan film that promotes peace and unity among people of different nationalities, races, cultures, tribes and religions. The film’s story focuses on three young boys who dream about going to America so as to get better jobs and live a better life. Due to their overwhelming ambition, they get assimilated into western culture. This strongly affects their relationships with the local people and foreigners in Uganda.

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‘Dream America’ is a film about the youth that are greatly inspired by the thought of travelling to America to start up new lives there, thinking that life will be much easier for them that side. For a long period of time a large percentage of the youth in Uganda have migrated to the United States of America with high expectations and therefore ending up leaving very great opportunities behind. Because of lack of guidance and ignorance, they end up not realizing what Uganda really holds in stock.


The youth have been overshadowed by the thought of migrating to America and end up badly affected because in most cases some come back empty handed or even get deported. Other challenges come in handy like travel agencies that embezzle their money while promising to process travel documents for them.

The film ‘Dream America’ promotes patriotism so as to boost productivity and the development of Uganda as a country. The film encourages the general public to focus on maximizing the available opportunities in Uganda rather than considering migrating to other countries as the only solution to a better life.



The Gondaliya Bros. mission is to make films with a positive message

Gondaliya Bros. Motion Pictures is a film making company that was established in 2014 and is based in Kampala, Uganda. This company produced a film in 2014 entitled ‘The Superstition’. The Superstition was nominated in several categories including Best Editing/Post Production, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Actor, movie of the year and Best Screenplay (Uganda Film Festival). The film has so far won numerous awards like Best Editing/Post Production in Uganda Film Festival, Best Feature Film in Arusha African Film Festival (Tanzania), Best Narrative Feature film in Silicon Valley African Film Festival (U.S.A), Best Sound Effects in the Coast Film Festival (Kenya)& Best Supporting Actor in Pearl International Film Festival (Uganda). We now bring you DREAM AMERICA a feature film that stars the most powerful and talented cast in the Ugandan Film Industry. It’s the best film production that 2016 has got to offer so far in Uganda.


Three young youth Johnny, Dan and Bruno attain a dream of going to America thinking that life is going to be a bed of roses once they get there. In pursuit of their dream, they face many different challenges. However Johnny finally goes to America but finds life harder than he expected and so he ends up coming back to Uganda.




Keloy Kemisha is an Actor and a Make Up Artist, she has featured in movies like ‘LAST KING OF SCORTLAND’, ‘205 Divisions’ as an Actor and a makeup artist. She also did ‘FATAL DESTNEY’, FATE, AFTER SILENCE, ‘KIWANI’ which were also a Ugandan movies feature films. She did ‘BOS’ as a makeup artist, ‘STATE RES BUREAU MA’, ‘LOOKING FOR JOHN’ as an actor and makeup artist, ‘TROUBLE IN PARADISE as a Makeup artist, ‘ GLORIOUS DAY’ by MAISHA FILMS as a makeup artist. KAKIBEKI (NTV),TRICK STARS (NTV), XMAS IN KAMPALA(NTV),CSOOPED UP.’JA-MAA’, DECEPTION(NTV) all those as an Actor.


Kulumba David Finale a commercial model, Actor, and TV host working with Acheonex media, I launched my Acting career featuring in ‘The hostel series season 4’ in Feb 2015, ‘Dream America’ a feature film in December 2015, Dream chasers in Feb 2016 and the TV series ‘Chronicles of the Unseen’ which are all coming out this year.

As for modeling I have done lady crane international fashion and Abryanz style and Fashion Awards in 2014, working with a number of designers as a commercial model I did the Vodacom TV commercial and Olx TVC in 2015. I also did the Bell Lager billboard advertisement in December 2014.


I am Kaye Rogers aka Travor, a Ugandan Actor, I have featured in several Ugandan movies both feature films and TV Series. In 2014 I did “Dilema” by Straight Media which was directed by Hata. I starred in ‘wasted high school’ by vision one cinema ‘Matovu Joseph ‘in 2015, then I also did ‘The Williams/Kezaala by votex media ‘Mzee Bwanika.

I have also starred in a number of Tv Series like The Hostel in 2015 which was done by first truck, I did ‘The coffee shop’ by the vision group of companies in 2015, Then I did Malaika by Straight Media still in 2015. I have also starred in Dream America which is coming out this year. one of the most Inspirational movies I have done. It was produced by Gondaliya Brothers Motion Pictures Ltd and directed by Omar Hussein


A Ugandan Actor, He featured in J Rose a TV series Directed and produced by Mariam Ndagire, everyday people in 2012, The superstition 2014 which was produced by the Gondaliya Brothers Motion Pictures, The hostel TV Series season four in 2015, He starred ‘Wako’ a feature film in 2016, Man in the hole 2016, Man at the car wash 2016 plus chronicles of the unseen which is coming out soon.

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