Airtel Uganda apologises to customers over time change on selected devices

Telecom giants Airtel Uganda has apologised to its customers over time changed on selected devices. A number of Airtel customers experienced the change yesterday. The telecom has since resolved the error and has gone on to publically apologise to its customers. Below is the official statement from the company;


“Airtel Uganda would like apologise to some of its customers who experienced a time synchronization error on their phones. The change in time only affected our customers whose phone date and time is set by the network. This was due to a minor synchronization application process error on our Network Time Protocol server.  The error has since been resolved and the time corrected. Airtel Uganda wishes to further assure its customers that at no time was the Airtel money platform compromised by the change in time as purported by a hoax message sent to our subscribers yesterday evening. As the smartphone network, we would like to assure our customers and the general public that the Airtel money platform remains the most secure and reliable mobile money service in Uganda”.

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