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Dorothy Shonga warns of fake pages trying to be her

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Dorothy Shonga has warned against fake pages in her names. 
She said if the post is not on her page which has 61,000 plus followers, it’s a fake page.

Below is her full statement;
“If the post is not on this page it’s fake.so many fake  accounts out there in my names
Some fighting to be me
Some fighting to turnish my name
Some fighting to bring me down bt all in v’n
Standing strong I keep as a  young strong business lady.a role model for many.
U call us names for what we av achieved yes- cz of our hard work bt what does ur organ do if really it’s that-ley Eggs???????
Viva to all the hard working ladies
Let’s keep pushing…Azipsamtima,” Dorothy Shonga posted.

This is Dorothy Shonga real page

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