Deedan, Slick Stuart part of the new crop of Johnnie Walker Influencers

Deedan, Slick Stuart part of the new crop of Johnnie Walker Influencers

Johnnie Walker Uganda on Wednesday 27 October held an engaging brand immersion experience with its new crop of influencers at the Skyz Hotel in Naguru.

The intimate event was organised to bring the influencers up to speed on the new creative, exciting, and engaging ways to consume and experience the iconic whisky brand.

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The influencers were treated to a full brand immersive experience that included a take on the 200-year journey of Johnnie Walker. The event also featured tasting and mentorship on the array of flavours that Johnnie Walker has, including Red Label, Black Label, the smoky Double Black, the smooth Gold Label Reserve, Green Label, and the Johnnie Walker Aged 18.

The new influencers are a carefully selected team of six that includes renowned DJ Slick Stuart, radio presenter and MC Deedan Muyira, ‘tweleb’ Jude Mugabi, Nomad Marketer Raymond Kalemera aka Slay Farmer, social media influencer Noella, veteran radio journalist Marcus Kwikiriza who will be leading the conversation on all things Johnnie Walker Reserve.

Tumusiime Agaba, who took over the ambassadorial reins from Marcus late last year, will lead the team.The mentorship included a segment on how to drink and serve Johnnie Walker, how to present Johnnie Walker and a session on influencer marketing and ways in which the brand can leverage maximum visibility, publicity, and engagement.

“As the number one blended Scotch whisky in the world, Johnnie Walker continues to innovate in new and exciting ways. This new crop of influencers includes a group of progressive individuals that have been chosen to lead the Johnnie Walker conversation to bring to life product credentials and over two centuries of heritage and blending expertise through a variety of unique experiences,” said Rhona Namanya,  Head of Spirits, UBL.


“We want you to experience Johnnie Walker in a more vibrant and engaging way,” she added.

The Johnnie Walker story started way back in 1827 with a 14-year-old boy who was orphaned at that tender age. Having grown up on a farm, his experience grew from serving different mixes of tea to loyal customers to experimenting with Scotch. Two years later, Old Highlands Scotch Whisky, known today as Black Label was formed. It was also the first whisky in the Johnnie Walker family. It did so well in Scotland that he decided to take it to the rest of the world.

Because different people from different parts of the world have different colours and tastes, Johnnie Walker created other whiskies and came up with Red Label, Blue Label, Double Black, Platinum and Gold Reserve.

To date, Red Label is the favourite blended Scotch whisky in the world and is sold in over 180 countries.

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