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Curvy Sania Sash celebrates 26th birthday in style

The self claimed proclaimed “pretty body doesn’t hurt its owner” Ms Sania Sash Berries celebrated her 26th birthday in style.
The bash was one of a kind and it was a feminist theme (ladies only) and took place in an exclusive secret hangout.
Her female friends joined her for the big bash who was  all black for the guests and red for the birthday girl.
“A special thanks to each of my girlfriends (all of you in particular) I can’t thank you enough because you have been there generational..
This birthday was one of kind..it was a feminist theme (Girls only) and trust me we went dirty.  Thank you Missyy Fatty for the outfits, A big hug for Nuri Niveay for my cake,
My kisses to Tukundane Vivian for my makeup. I love you guys..And it was a wrap
#APrettyBodyDoesntHurtItsOwner,” Sania Sash Berries posted.
Check out the photos from the party below!!!

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