Coco Finger releases Kabaka’s song officially

Dance hall star Coco Finger aka Moses Okori, the Luo Ambassador with his origin from Lira district has officially released a special song on behalf of non-Baganda who live and work in Buganda region. The song titled ‘Landlord Wange’ is specifically dedicated to His Majesty Ronald Muwenda Mutebi, the Kabaka of Buganda. The singer becomes the first non Muganda to make a song for Kabaka of Buganda. The song celebrates the Buganda king for being a nice land lord and very hospitable.

Coco Finger
Coco Finger

The king allows accommodates everyone in Buganda despite their tribes and nationalities. The song talks about the love of the king, development, good leadership, love, peace and unity. The song also talks about the good relationship between Buganda kingdom and other tribes in Uganda that lives and work in Buganda region and also recognises all other kings and kingdoms in other regions across Uganda.

Coco finger is managed by Richard Sebadduka  aka Richard Flava under Spotlyte management which is under Spotlyte Music Africa music label which manages and promotes musicians and other forms of arts in Uganda and other parts of Africa.  The song was written by Coco finger aka Moses Okori and Richard Sebadduka his manager.

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