Clarification on the re-opening of schools


The Ministry of Education and Sports has learned of a communication purportedly attributed to the Chairperson of the COVID 19 Taskforce that is unfortunately making its rounds on social media.

The writer of this false information states that The Chairperson of the COVID 19 Taskforce has released a ”Recommendation on the re-opening of schools due to COVID-19 crisis”.

I now wish to state and clarify as follows:

1. The information communicated is false, misleading and must therefore be dismissed and ignored.

2. The Ministry of Education and Sports does not issue Circulars and Policy guidelines through Social Media as a formal channel for Policy Communication.

The formal communication with regard to the guidelines for re-opening schools will therefore be communicated to the Public as soon as the final consultative process ends.

There will be a Press Conference to clarify issues that may require clarification. The conference will be held on the same day the guidelines for reopening schools will be issued. The time and venue will be communicated.

This therefore is to assure our learners, the public, parents and other stakeholders that the Ministry will disseminate the guidelines for the re-opening of schools and Institutions as soon as final consultations over the same are concluded very soon.

A formal press release to this effect will be circulated to all media houses for immediate dissemination on the morning of 22nd May 2020.

Stay Safe and
May God bless you All.

By Patrick Muinda
Asst. Commissioner – MoES


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