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City girl Chantal Ruby tells a sad story of how she was raped by a friend

She accuses Ritah Kaggwa of planning the rape and wondered why she did so

City girl Chantal Ruby Uwimbabazi has today let the cat out of the bag by telling a sad story of how she was drugged and raped by a person she considered just a friend. Ruby went on tell how this was all planned by Ritah Kaggwa, a person she has never met.’

Ruby said Ritah connived with then friend of hers, St Kristopher to rape her and record video and nudes of Ruby. Below is the full confession from Ruby regarding the sad incident.

Victim: Chantal Ruby

“Since you want to make up stuff about me… This is there only post I ever made about you in Rebel parents group… Carol Lynne Shanghi who’s btw your fan, admin of rebel parents and Moses Mpora can testify. Moses also used to love you. I’ve never wished anything bad on your children. And everything is true and we are waiting for you down heree. I had been banned when I shared this. Now let me share it using my real account that has thousands of followers, people will know the kind of evil spirit you are.

Moses Mpora asked me to share the story of my abuser (he knows about this saga), when I started sharing rape survivor’s stories. Wanted mine to be the last one, but the stories are many. Each day very many stories are told in my inbox.
Now many of you remember that video of me where I was sleeping, deep.. most of you actually laughed without knowing the story.
I’ve actually never shared the story.
When the video first came out, a day or so after it was recorded, I accused a one St Kristopher. He denied. I accused him together with Ritah for conniving. They denied. I didn’t want to go deep into it. Because I had my pain.
I had met St Kristopher on many occasions, and not once were we sexual or seem flirty. I still have Facebook messages of our exchanges (well maybe if he deactivated his account) but there was nothing sexual. I was not in anyway attracted to him.

Some days before the fateful day, I had met Kristopher we even have a pic together. I just saw him as a friend. Not close friend, but I mean the kind you kubboga with. He must have contacted Ritah (both stay in the UK), and since they were gangos they made a plan. I was told Ritah actually paid this guy to carry out this act. As you can see in the screenshot below she admits to setting me up. Though she deleted the comment (I think she was advised by people since it can be used against her in the courts of law. But the internet never forgets. I had it somewhere in the archives . I have somewhere I keep such. Just like I delete all the victim’s stories in my inbox and store them somewhere…since people have been trying to hack me, and I wouldn’t want to disclose these women.

Back to the story, Ritah and I had stupid beef, because I mean, I have never even met her. I would never ever go to the extent she went. Not even with my worst enemy that I know in real life. Now what of Ritah of just the internet?? I’ve never understood her deep hatred for me. On that fateful day, Kristopher and I made plans to meet. Drunk drunk, but I think I was drugged. I even told my Friend Maddy I must have been drugged. I woke up in Kristopher’s bed butt naked. Kristopher who I had never thought of sexing. I didn’t take it as such, at that very moment. He then drove to my shop that I owned back then in 2015, in Makindye. When I reached home later I started wondering. Usually I get drunk with men I’d like to bang, I don’t know how I woke up next to Kristopher. Mind you, I Blacked out very quick. Those who know me, I’m a hard drinker. But that day I blacked out in like an hour. Which means I was drugged. After a few days, this video was doing rounds. Ritah and her bunch of followers were making all kinds of jokes. I then knew the intentions of the monster that’s Kristopher. A few years down (2018) Ritah admits to have set up all this. The latest story of a victim I’ve shared on Facebook, she was set up by a woman to be raped by two dinkas. This is how I’ve got the courage to share mine Ritah, a fellow woman, set up St Kristopher to drug me, rape me, record me on video, just for her own satisfaction. And she takes pride in it as you can see in the screenshot below. She may argue that one of her admins shared that, but admins don’t share what they don’t know. Her admins are her friends. Ritah, I see you shaming rapists, yet you carried out this act. Oh how you forgot!! I’ve always wanted to share this, but had no courage. Seeing victims of rape coming to my inbox to confide in me has given me courage to share mine. Now of course I’ve whored in my past, but consent was there. It was not rape. Rape digs deep. Knowing someone took advantage of you without your consent, is disgusting! I’ve never understood why Ritah did what she did. She’s a monster. More evil than the Rapist that is Kristopher. I’m going to sleep well tonight now that I’ve finally shared this. Ladies, don’t let rape define you. It must hurt Ritah, to see me shinning, even after her evil deeds. It must hurt Kristopher. You too, be strong, it’s very hard, but be strong. Your rapist wants to see you break. Ritah, I pray you never give birth to a girl child!!! Victims, keep bringing these stories in my inbox, let’s make each other stronger. I’m going to keep naming and shaming. This was my turn to name those that sexually offended me,” Ruby confessed.

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